CTR Lda. was founded in 1991 by a team of technicians with wide experience on the electronic components industry.
The company main activity during its first years was mainly the production of components and sub-assemblies for electrical household appliances.

Subsequently, combining CTR solid know-how on the manufacture of heating elements, such as fixed resistors and PTC thermistors with the highly developed local industry of moulds and plastic injection, the company began to produce electric diffusers of domestic use for air fresheners and insect control applications.

With the significant growing market and interest by end consumers in having more quality life and comfort in personal environments, providing Air Care solutions became an important business area to CTR.
Investments, R&D, optimized products, new raw materials, and innovative patents are just some of efforts carried out by CTR on this segment.

In a business-to-business relation, CTR operates as a contract manufacturer offering a complete project management for exclusive, innovating and competitive solutions to brand holders, building and protecting IP along the way.

In 2006 CTR has expanded activities on the Asian Market through local branch in Zhongshan - China.
Zhongshan CTR Household Technology Ltd. is located in a very privileged area, a well-developed coastal city supported with convenient logistics and emerging industries.
Both CTR locations are able to support the requirements of international customers through global resources combined with CTR well known Quality and Safety values, providing this way the best competitive solutions for Air Care and Insect Control products.

With more than 20 years of experience CTR has become a leading specialist on the development and manufacturing of high quality products for Air Care applications.
CTR wishes to continue to develop long-term successful business relationships, investing in knowledge and efficient processes that can translate on superior product solutions to create better environments.