CTR has two production sites, with the head office and factory located in Portugal - Samora Correia, 30 km northeast of Lisbon.
In 2006 the company expanded activities in
China through a local branch, establishing Zhongshan CTR Household Technology Ltd. located in Zhongshan, a well-developed coastal city supported with convenient logistics and emerging industries.
Both locations allow CTR to provide to its international customers with wide geographical market coverage.

Both production sites are fully equipped with modern and automated industrial technology which allow high production capacity and development of R&D activities for the creation of reliable and safe products.

CTR factory in Portugal has its Quality Management System certified according to ISO9001:2008 standards and has also obtained the BRC and IFS Certifications. Products are REACH and ROHS compliant.


Zhongshan CTR Household Technology Ltd. in China is the only international branch, fully supported by the high Quality standards of CTR Portugal has its Quality Management System certified by CQC and IQNet respectively and in accordance with ISO9001:2008 standards.
Our efforts for development, and CTR commitment to its social and environmental policies were already acknowledged by the Chinese Authorities for which CTR is most proud to have been distinguished with important appraisals.

On March 2010, CTR China was appraised as the major tax payer on 2009 by the Government of Dongsheng.
On September 2010, CTR China was appraised as the best employer by Zhongshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for 2009-2010.
On December 2010, CTR China is appraised as the Advanced High-Tech enterprise by the Government of Guangdong.

This commitment with technology and innovation, a team of skilled and motivated professionals and carefully selected business partners, ensure CTR with consistency in the production of quality products and superior customer service.
Running when necessary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to produce around 50 million diffusers annually.