Does CTR own any brands?

No. CTR operates exclusively as a contract manufacturer providing quality products for brand holders.

Where can I find CTR products?

As an export company, our products are available on the most important worldwide markets, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Where are CTR production sites located?

CTR has production units in Portugal (head-offices) and in China.

Does CTR develop Intellectual Propriety/Patents?

Yes. Research and Development are one of CTR´s strategic priorities; such effort has contributed to the increase of CTR´s intellectual property portfolio.
CTR has several patents related with different technologies and has been a pioneer developing new diffusion concepts such as multi volatile fragrance.

How does CTR assures Confidentialty ?

The privacy of our customers and their products is very important to us, we are aware of the market dynamic and competition. We guarantee confidentiality through contracts which ensure and safeguard legally the privacy of our customers.